• Who we are and where is our based?

Hello, everyone! I'm Henry, the owner of Australia Shrimp Home. While I'm an engineer by profession, my true passion lies in the world of aquarium hobbies. From childhood to the present, I've nurtured and bred a diverse array of aquatic species, including shrimps, guppies, betta fish, goldfish, koi fish, and marine fish. In recent times, I've focused on shrimps, aquatic plants, and moss, which I now offer on this website to support my livelihood. Located in NSW, I operate exclusively online without a physical store or studio.

  • When my order will be ship?

We aim to ship your orders promptly upon receiving them. However, for orders containing live animals such as shrimps and snails, we schedule shipments on Mondays and Tuesdays to prevent weekend postal delays. Your parcel should arrive within 1-3 days, depending on your location. If your order includes livestock and is placed after 8pm on Tuesday, it will be shipped the following Monday to ensure the health and safety of the shrimps.

  • How I can track my order?

We've designed a user-friendly tracking tool on our website. Once your order is shipped, we'll send you an email containing the tracking number. To check your order's status, simply visit our website, click on "Track Your Order" in the Menu, and follow the provided instructions.

  • How I can contact your guys to ask for help or other enquiry?

Customer can contact us directly by press on the chat button in the bottom right of the site or find us on facebook: Australia Shrimp Home. Moreover, customer can send an email to us via australiashrimphome@gmail.com. 

  • What should I do if have death shrimps on arrival?

Our shrimps to be sold are keeping and breeding by outseft in good and right conditions. So, they are very healthy and rarely have death issue on arrival.Somtimes,  It happens due to delay by post. We have DOA policy, please check our DOA policy when having this issue. 

  • What can I do when I am not satisfy with the order?

We strictly comply to the Australian Consumer Law which includes a range of consumer rights and guarantees. So, we always try our best to provide customer good products and best services. Do not hesitate to contact us if having any unsatisfy with the order, we willing to help and tackle the problem. 

  • Why your shrimps are cheaper than others, is the quality lower?

We are a small business that originated from a real passion for the aquarium hobby, so we wish we can spread this lovely hobby to everyone that is the first reason. Secondly, we sell shrimps we breed by ourselves so the price will be depended on our stock and usually cheaper than other online stores. We do not mind how much our competitors are selling, we just want to sell things worth our customer money. "We sell online but not a scammer, feel confident to buy from us"

  • I see many shrimps which I like were sold out, will i have a chance to buy them?

Becasue our shrimps are cheap and good quality to compare with others. Moreover, we provide real promotions for customers frequently. So, our shrimps usually out of stocks. But we will update new shrimps and new products weekly, so please visit our website regularly or follow our social media to receive new update quickly. 

  • I am new in shrimp hobby, what should I prepare to keep them or do when receive your shrimp?

We provide Blog posts on our site to introduce some basic experince and information to our customer that may help customers step into this hobby easier. So, please check our Blog posts on the Menu bar for further info.

  • For further questions please contact us directly to receive a better help